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I Love You, Donna Karan Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 7
Aired November 14, 1997

I Love You, Donna Karan

Shawn sticks to his strict two-week dating rule, breaking up with Angela. When Shawn finds a lost purse, the contents make him think he's found the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile, when Mr. Feeny declines to help Eric study for a test, Eric  gets help from an imaginary Feeny.

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Guest Stars: Maggie Lawson as Debbie, McKenna Jones as Beth, Trina McGee-Davis as Angela

Written by: Ellen Idelson, Rob Lotterstein

Directed by: David Kendall

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Quotes (13)

Topanga: Shawn, just face it, you're afraid to make a commitment.
Shawn: I'm not afraid to make a commit- I've been with Cory for fifteen years!
Cory: Ah, they've been good years.

Shawn: Wait, is this you or Topanga talking?
Cory: She decided we're one person.

Cory: Hey, Mr. Feeny, we found this purse. Who runs the Lost & Found?
Mr. Feeny: I do, Mr. Matthews. I teach English, History and Film, and I run the Lost & Found.

Jack: Who are you talking to?
Eric: Mr. Feeny. The British guy on our couch, right there.
Mr. Feeny: I'm from Boston, you boob.

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