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A Very Topanga Christmas Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 11
Aired December 19, 1997

A Very Topanga Christmas

Topanga spends Christmas with the Matthews, but the family soon tires of accommodating Topanga's wishes. When Cory realizes how different he and Topanga are, he has doubts over their relationship.

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Written by: Andy Guerdat

Directed by: David Kendall

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Quotes (4)

Cory: I'm asking you please. Topanga's going to be staying here for Christmas. Over night. Could we please not run naked down the halls singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas? I'm looking at you..
Eric: I only do it because people have come to expect it.

Mr. Feeny: But I'm Tiny Tim, and Scrooge, and all of them.

Eric: Well, Captain, this isn't about the presents, it's about the power struggle between men and women since the creation of man over 300 years ago.

Alan: Twenty years and our aluminium tree looks good as new. I love this tree. I like you Eric, but I love this tree.

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