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Eric Hollywood Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 19
Aired March 20, 1998

Eric Hollywood

After Eric causes a prop disaster that injures the leading man in the school play, Eric takes the lead role. Eric's strong performance catches the eye of a Hollywood director, who asks Eric to join the cast of the ABC sitcom "Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe". Meanwhile, Topanga tries to save her friendship with Shawn, who isn't sure he can be friends with both her and Cory following their break-up.

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Guest Stars: Robert Clohessy as Matt Frazier, Ron Harper as Man #1, David Jacobs as David, Deborah Kellner as Judy, Matt Kirkwood as Paramedic, Aubrey Morris as Professor Cookmand

Written by: Barbara Feldman

Directed by: Alan Myerson

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Quotes (12)

Eric: I can do Cartman. "I am not fat. I am festivally plump."

Alan: You know the real tragedy tonight is that William Shakespeare couldn't be here to see how good you are.
Eric: Aw, he'll come tomorrow. I mean we're here all week.

Director: Who built the balcony?
Eric: Okay, in retrospect, it may have been foolish of me to consider paste the nail's silent cousin. But, you live, you learn.

Jack: Topanga's a good nurse. My fever's back down to malaria level. I think I can go back to my village now.

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