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Things Change Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 23
Aired May 8, 1998

Things Change

Cory has problems adjusting to all the changes around him when Shawn decides against going to college, Topanga is accepted to Yale and Mr. Feeny chooses to retire.

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Guest Stars: Caprice Crawford as Nicole, Ricki Dale as Maria, Robert Hy Gorman as David, Hila Levy as Terri, David Packer as Jonathan

Written by: Matthew Nelson, Bob Tischler

Directed by: Alan Myerson

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Quotes (11)

Cory: I sort of thought you guys would keep my room the way it is.
Eric: Actually, Cor, for that I think you have to be unexpectedly killed by a truck or something.

Eric: You see duckies are good because not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed them crackers and you can ride them. See, duckies are the horses of the ocean.

Shawn: You're not my father, Cory.
Cory: If I were your father, I'd spank you, Shawn. Because that's what you deserve. A big spanking! Now take down your pants.

Mr. Feeny: I told Shawn I support his decision.
Cory: You what?
Mr. Feeny: I gave him my blessing.
Cory: What are you, the Pope?

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