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Ain't College Great? Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 3
Aired October 9, 1998

Ain't College Great?

It's the first day of college for Cory and he over stretches himself with some tough courses. Realizing he's in over his head, Cory heads to Wyoming to seek Mr. Feeny's help. Meanwhile, Eric tries to be more sensitive in a bid to attract Rachel.

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Guest Stars: Mark Tymchyshyn as Guidance Counselor, William Windom as Ned, Keone Young as Professor

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: William Russ

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Quotes (14)

Alan: Hey, Cory. I think when you bolted from the car yelling "College! College", I think you forgot something.
Cory: My pudding trunk!

Shawn: Do you even know what quantum physics is?
Cory: Umm, hi. That's what they're gonna teach me. If I knew what quantum physics was, I would have tooken quantum physics 2, now wouldn't I?

Cory: It's so beautiful.
Shawn: No, beautiful is not a strong enough word. A better word is like ... sucks. Give me a spoon, I'm digging a tunnel right now.

Angela: Cory, the bathroom is for men and women.
Cory: Both?
Angela: At the same time.
Topanga: Just like on Ally McBeal.
Cory: "Just like on Ally McBeal!" Let her go in there.

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