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Hogs and Kisses Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 6
Aired October 30, 1998

Hogs and Kisses

When Shawn and Topanga have to kiss while filming a college promotional video, Cory flies into a jealous rage and demands the pair go on a date. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack try to improve their manners to impress Rachel.

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Guest Stars: Tom Gallop as Simon, Brian Turk as Isaac

Written by: David Brownfield

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (11)

Cory: And I just want to ask one thing: What's this?
Topanga: No, Cory, we were just -
Cory: Undapants!

Cory: This is raw, hot, unfiltered passion, and that kiss opened the gates.
Angela: There are no gates.
Cory: Oh, there's gates.

Jack: What does she think she's the first woman we've ever lived with?
Eric: Dude, I lived with my mother for eighteen years.

Cory: What are you studying?
Angela: White history. You know, you people contributed quite a lot to this country.
Cory: Thanks!

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