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You're Married, You're Dead Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 8
Aired November 13, 1998

You're Married, You're Dead

In an effort to prove he's still one of the guys, Cory goes to a bikini club but accidentally leaves his engagement ring there. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack become the focus of Rachel's studies.

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Guest Stars: Phil Buckman as Gambling Dan, Dana Dewes as Eric's Waitress, Tami-Adrian George as Waitress, Clare Salstrom as Joan

Written by: Gary H. Miller

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (4)

Cory: First of all, there is a Whipped Magazine. I didn't subscribe; somehow they found me.

Eric: Males were bonding on this planet long before women arrived.

Rachel: I just don't understand it. We've been here all night and it's like you two aren't having any fun at all.
Eric: Well, frankly we're appalled by what's going on.
Jack: Mam, I am not a chair.

Cory: Club Cleavage? Where the women parade around in little outfits that barely cover their most private of situations?

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