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And in Case I Don't See Ya Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 10
Aired December 4, 1998

And in Case I Don't See Ya

In an effort to become more popular, Eric creates a TV show (in similar vein to The Truman Show) in his apartment, but it's Rachel who's the break-out star. Meanwhile, Cory and Shawn try to use their relationship with Mr. Feeny to get special treatment.

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Guest Stars: Madison Eginton as Young Rachel, Shaun Weiss as Louie

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Quotes (8)

Topanga: Feeny!
Mr. Feeny: Oh, no.
Topanga: Oh, don't you run away from me, you old goat.

Mr. Feeny: George is a fine old name of Germanic origin. It means "Watch out, the sheep are coming!"

Topanga: This is a travesty. How do I get the same grade as these two schlubs?

Mr. Feeny: Well, since you're not set on a name for the baby, I, myself, have always been partial to George.

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