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Santa's Little Helpers Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 11
Aired December 11, 1998

Santa's Little Helpers

When Cory invites Shawn and Topanga invites Angela to spend Christmas with them, Cory can't avoid trying to get them back together. Meanwhile, Eric gets a job as a mall Santa.

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Guest Stars: Penny Bae Bridges as Lucy, Patrick Cranshaw as Custodian, J.B. Gaynor as Tommy, Jake Sakson as Edgar

Written by: Patricia Carr, Lara Runnels

Directed by: Lynn M. McCracken

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Quotes (5)

Eric: Look how cute you are. Plus you're going to be making like 5 bucks an hour.
Jack: Wait a second, you get 12 bucks an hour.
Eric: I'm Santa. You're just an elf. Read your bible.

Mr. Feeny: Hello, Mr. Matthews. It's great to see you've got the holiday spirit.
Eric: What I've got is 12 bucks an hour, a 15% discount at Stucci's department store, and a job where I get to sit on my butt all day. Hey, it's kinda like your job!

Eric: I really love being Santa. I mean it's not just putting on the suit and getting the super powers. I made her happy! Look at that, I did that!

Jack: I'm not going to be an elf. I was depressed enough about not going to the Bahamas. This little green pointy hat's really going to push me over the edge.

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