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We'll Have a Good Time Then... Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 13
Aired January 22, 1999

We'll Have a Good Time Then...

Shawn and Jack's absent father reappears on campus and promises he's back for good, but Shawn has trouble believing Chet has changed.

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Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Christopher Carter as Kenny, Julio Oscar Mechoso as Dr. Sanchez, Shannon Welles as Nurse

Written by: Gary H. Miller

Directed by: David Kendall

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Quotes (4)

Topanga: Cory, why are you so obsessed with the sex?
Cory: Because I don't get any.

Chet: I've been to three county fairs, two pig stickings and a goat rope, but I ain't never seen nothin' like you.

Topanga: Now, regarding our wedding night.
Cory: Topanga!
Topanga: Bermunda.
Cory: I'll call you whatever you want.

Shawn: What's the point of even going to class?
Cory: Because otherwise we have to go to war.

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