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Bee True Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 19
Aired April 9, 1999

Bee True

As Mr. Feeny finally works up the courage to ask Dean Bolander out, her adventurous ex-husband arrives to sweep her off her feet. Cory and Shawn devise a plan to help Mr. Feeny win Dead Bolander's affections.

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Guest Stars: Francis X. McCarthy as Curtis, Sandra Gould as Little Old Lady, Lillian Adams as Mr. Furlong, Mildred Dumas as Mrs. Bertelson, Bonnie Bartlett as Dean Lila Bolander

Written by: David Brownfield

Directed by: Micky Dolenz

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Quotes (9)

Shawn: It's us against him. Living on the edge, babe.
Cory: I like when you call me babe.

Eric: You're already in a new relationship. You're in a triangle, Feeny. And take it from somebody who's been in a triangle before, he who hesitates is lost. RACHEL!

Cory: Why do you come to us now, on this, the day of our bake-sale?

Eric: I come to you with my hat in my hand.
Cory: It's my hat.
Eric: It's my hand.

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