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State of the Unions Boy Meets World - Season 6, Episode 22
Aired May 14, 1999

State of the Unions

As Cory deals with his worries over his impending marriage, Topanga's parents arrive with their own set of marital problems. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny pops the question to Dean Bolander.

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Guest Stars: Bonnie Bartlett as Dean Lila Bolander, Earl Boen as Minister, Michael McKean as Jedediah Lawrence, Annette O'Toole as Rhiannon Lawrence

Written by: Jeff McCracken

Directed by: Barbara Feldman

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Quotes (1)

Eric: My life sucks, Shawnie. I lost my apartment. My apartment! I lost Rachel. Rachel! I lost my best friend, Jack. Rachel! And now I'm about to lose Feeny to that mean old lady. Jack!

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