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For Love and Apartments Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 2
Aired October 1, 1999

For Love and Apartments

Cory and Shawn travel to Pittsburgh to try get Topanga's parents back together. Meanwhile, the girls challenge Eric and Jack to a wrestling match. When Eric loses badly to Topanga, he vows to have his revenge.

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Guest Stars: Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence, Mark Harelik as Jedediah Lawrence, Mick Foley as Mankind

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: David Kendall

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Quotes (6)

Eric: How did you know that?
Mr. Feeny: Dude, you're the laughing stock of the college.

Cory: Well, I'm going to fix you, and I'm going to fix you, and I'm going to fix you. Then I'm gonna take a bath.

Jack: Look, nail polish!
Eric: Ooh, do me! First me hands, then me feets.

Cory: Shawn, you want to be back with Topangela or not?
Shawn: Topangela?
Cory: I'm just trying to save time here.

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