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You Light Up My Union Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 5
Aired October 22, 1999

You Light Up My Union

Eric and Jack learn about the real world when they run the student union together. Meanwhile, Rachel is annoyed by Cory and Shawn's intrusion into her life.

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Guest Stars: Jack Axelrod as Organ Grinder, Lou Felder as Bank Manager, Jennifer Griffin as The Woman, Bill Stevenson as Loan Officer

Written by: Allison M. Gibson

Directed by: Kevin Tracy

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Quotes (5)

Eric: You know that's only $19.99 plus tax.
Mr. Feeny: What's the tax?
Eric: It's a percentage of something but I'm not really sure.

Eric: What is-? What is this? What is this? You see this? You see your card here? You see that? It's bogus! It expired 1967!
Mr. Feeny: That's "Card Member Since", you moron.

Eric: Mr. Feeny, Eric Matthews: "bidness" man!

Shawn: You know what's great about girls?
Cory: Not yet.

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