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They're Killing Us Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 6
Aired October 29, 1999

They're Killing Us

Cory and Topanga hash out their final wedding decisions, with Cory struggling to choose a best man and Topanga picking bridesmaid dresses. Meanwhile, Alan and Amy try to cut costs by hiring Mr. Feeny as the wedding's musical attraction.

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Guest Stars: Meagen Fay as Judy Haberfeld

Written by: David Brownfield

Directed by: William Russ

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Quotes (24)

Eric: (To the tune of He's A Jolly Good Fellow) The curtains are on fire. The curtains are on fire.

Topanga: I don't want to offend any one and my family's feelings are the most important thing to me. But if she thought I was getting married in that freaking monstrosity, she must have been hitting the sauce.

Topanga: Well that's it. If you guys can't put on these dresses and get caught up in the magic of my Southern belle wedding, then who needs y'all?

Cory: So please RSVP to our website.
Topanga: Cory and Topanga.
Cory: One word.
Topanga: dot com.
Cory: See, Cory and Topanga, one word, is sort of like a symbol of our unity.
Topanga: No, it's a computer thing.

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