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The Provider Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 13
Aired January 7, 2000

The Provider

Cory is upset when Topanga gets a better job than his at-home telemarketing work. Meanwhile, Eric makes the most of a lucky penny.

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Guest Stars: Ivory Hunter as Football Player #1, John Knight as Football Player #2, Brandon Molale as Rocco

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: Lynn M. McCracken

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Quotes (7)

Cory: You'll never guess-
Shawn: Topanga's pregnant.
Cory: She is? Why'd she tell you and not me? Are you the father of my child?

Eric: Hey look, a penny.
Jack: Was it heads up?
Eric: Is that the side with the head on it?

Eric: I'm the chosen one. I'm protected. I've got an invisible shield all over my body.

Rachel: Do you think maybe we should leave?
Eric: No, no. I wanna see Topanga make Cory cry.

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