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Seven the Hard Way (Part 2) Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 16
Aired February 11, 2000

Seven the Hard Way (Part 2)

When the gang's ongoing prank war goes too far, Mr. Feeny steps in to try bring the friends back together.

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Written by: David Brownfield

Directed by: William Russ

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Quotes (8)

Cory: Don't tell him we have a daughter.
Eric: I have a nitch?
Mr. Feeny: Niece.
Eric: Niece?

Eric: I married a moose. We don't need counselling.

Eric: Insane? If giving away all your worldly possessions, renouncing society, and learning how to purify and drink your own urine, is insane, well, yes, color me insane.

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews?
Eric: Mr. Squirrels.
Cory: Eric?
Eric: Plays with.

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