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Angela's Ashes Boy Meets World - Season 7, Episode 21
Aired April 28, 2000

Angela's Ashes

When Angela's father returns to take her away to Europe for a year, Shawn considers whether to ask her to stay for him. Meanwhile, new graduates Eric, Jack and Rachel must confront their future after college.

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Guest Stars: Julius Carry as Sergeant Moore

Written by: Carlos Aragon

Directed by: Fred Savage

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Quotes (3)

Eric: Yes, hello, Jack's rich stepfather. I'll be your son for money. ... Well, that sounds painful, sir, but I'll do it for money.

Jack: I can't be poor. I'm too good looking to be poor.

Cory: You've got to let her go through the process. With women it's all about the process. And shoes.

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