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Girl Meets World Season 1

# Episode Title Original Air Date Rating
101 Girl Meets World June 27, 2014 4.2
102 Girl Meets Boy July 11, 2014 4.3
103 Girl Meets Sneak Attack July 18, 2014 4.0
104 Girl Meets Father July 25, 2014 3.7
105 Girl Meets The Truth August 1, 2014 3.9
106 Girl Meets Popular August 8, 2014 3.7
107 Girl Meets Maya's Mother August 15, 2014 4.7
108 Girl Meets Smackle September 12, 2014 3.3
109 Girl Meets 1961 September 19, 2014 3.3
110 Girl Meets Crazy Hat September 26, 2014 4.0
111 Girl Meets World: Of Terror October 2, 2014 2.5
112 Girl Meets the Forgotten October 10, 2014 4.4
113 Girl Meets Flaws October 17, 2014 4.6
114 Girl Meets Friendship November 21, 2014 4.1
115 Girl Meets Brother November 28, 2014 3.5
116 Girl Meets Home for the Holidays December 5, 2014 4.7
117 Girl Meets Game Night January 9, 2015 3.4
118 Girl Meets Master Plan January 16, 2015 4.1
119 Girl Meets Farkle's Choice February 6, 2015 3.6
120 Girl Meets First Date March 27, 2015 3.9
121 Girl Meets Demolition April 17, 2015 4.0
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Season Recap

Girl Meets World Season 1 aired between June 27, 2014 and April 17, 2015 with twenty-one episodes. Though "Girl Meets First Date" is considered to be the season finale, a bridge episode "Girl Meets Demolition" aired between Season 1 and Season 2, and was produced as part of the first season.

Throughout the first season,  Riley's interest in Lucas, a new classmate from Texas, grows as she (and her parents) grapple with whether she's ready to start dating. Cory and Topanga see both of their children, Riley and Auggie, growing up and maturing, causing mixed feelings for the parents. Cory is reluctant to let go of Riley, while Topanga worries that even Auggie seems to have paired off. 

Throughout their seventh grade year, the kids learn a number of lessons inside and outside the classroom. Riley faces up to feelings of jealousy when another girl shows an interest in Lucas. Riley and Maya learn about the importance of truth when they lie to Farkle about his acting skills. Riley confronts her place in the "popular" circle at school. The kids learn importance of social values when they're set the assignment of creating a company. When Farkle is teased for being different, Riley, Maya and Lucas rally to show him how it's their unique qualities that make them who they are.

Cory and Topanga are reunited with an old classmate, Stuart Minkus, who also happens to be Farkle's father. Although Minkus is wildly rich and successful, he's somewhat bitter than Topanga chose Cory over him. When he visits for the holidays, Shawn Hunter bonds with Riley for the first time and takes a likening to Maya. When Shawn is back on a return visit, Cory and Riley covertly work to set him up with Maya's mother. Maya takes a shine to Riley's uncle, Joshua. Though Josh insists he's too old for Maya, she tells him she's playing the long game.

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