Which Boy Meets World character are you most like?

  • Cory (224 votes /21.4%)
  • Topanga (470 votes /44.9%)
  • Shawn (151 votes /14.4%)
  • Eric (89 votes /8.5%)
  • Mr. Feeny (24 votes /2.3%)
  • Alan (3 votes /0.3%)
  • Amy (17 votes /1.6%)
  • Jack (10 votes /1%)
  • Angela (40 votes /3.8%)
  • Rachel (18 votes /1.7%)
  • 1,046 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
US US 03:07 Nov 28 2015
US Lakeville, US 18:28 Nov 27 2015
GB London, GB 14:52 Nov 27 2015
US Aberdeen, US 22:48 Nov 25 2015
ID ID 04:52 Nov 25 2015

Comments (12)

Ava United States, 11:51 Mar 22 2016.
I guess Shawn lmao
lineke Panama, 18:18 May 25 2015.
well i,m 10 almost 11 i love Topanga and we both have funny names i never knew why my mom gave me Lineke it mean something good and it,s my grandmas name were dutch i,m Bolivian we both have really really really long hair no kidding we both are nice and pritty i think i mite be kinda ugly kinda prity we both were kinda kinda made fun of at school but then just like here i,m starting new school and all the boys like me weird shes amazing and shes soooooooooooooo pritty priity then me i stick up for what i belve in and i stick up for me and i dont care what other people think of me
wonderland United States, 19:13 Jan 14 2015.
I took a quiz to see what boy meets world character am I and I got topanga....plus she stick to her self and doesn't care what other people think and I'm like that...and yea
Emmanuel United Kingdom, 17:25 Jan 14 2015.
Topanga is more lovable
Kristina  United States, 12:20 Dec 6 2014.
i love this show
Jenna United States, 23:20 Sep 15 2014.
I would say Topanga.
AngelaP. United States, 19:09 Sep 15 2014.
I think I'd have to go with Shawn, mostly because he has a huge fear of change, and letting other people down just like Cory. Im most like both of them in all honestly. It would be too har to choose, because I'm so alike both of them, and Topanga also too, like I'm a toral nerd, it would be hard to choose.
Sarina United States, 15:13 Aug 5 2014.
I love girl meets world I watch it every friday
Raven Lopez  United States, 10:58 Aug 5 2014.
I love this show
angel United States, 21:54 Aug 4 2014.
I am more like topanga

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