Who is your favorite Girl Meets World character?

  • Riley (479 votes /31.5%)
  • Maya (513 votes /33.8%)
  • Cory (103 votes /6.8%)
  • Topanga (131 votes /8.6%)
  • Auggie (32 votes /2.1%)
  • Lucas (128 votes /8.4%)
  • Farkle (134 votes /8.8%)
  • 1,520 votes

Latest Votes

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US Douglasville, US 13:14 Nov 29 2015
US Laveen, US 01:11 Nov 29 2015
US US 22:52 Nov 28 2015
GB GB 14:56 Nov 28 2015
US New City, US 13:20 Nov 28 2015

Comments (41)

Leeana:) United States, 18:58 Feb 28 2017.
I love lucas, maya, and riley because they are good friends and i just love peyton meyer, sabrina capenter, and rowan blanchard i hope i will get to meet u guys and be your friends because all of you guys are my idols and forever will be
Bella Gonder United States, 23:20 Dec 26 2016.
My favorite character is Maya. She is so tough and doesn't let her bad past effect her. I also like that is she is a artist, and that she sticks up for Riley. I love that Maya is tough, but sensitive inside and loves to express her herself though her actions and art.
Zoe United States, 13:50 Jul 3 2016.
Rucas definitely. I mean he has shown and said he likes Riley more. And maya is not a good match for him cause they just don't go together. I mean he asked her out on a date but did he to maya? No. Cause he doesn't like her. Rucas is forever.
Maddy United States, 11:04 Jun 5 2016.
I like Maya best because she reminds me a lot of myself because we have similar pasts
lydia Germany, 11:22 Jun 4 2016.
i like both maya and riley equally the most
Sabrina Carpenter United States, 18:21 Apr 30 2016.
I just wanted to say thank you, loves! Thank you for supporting GMW, and voting! I hope you enjoy season 2, lots of interesting things shall happen! ;)
Bionic_Reader United States, 03:57 Apr 24 2016.
I'm a Lucaya supporter. Always have been. Having Lucas and Maya have a moment together really has spiced things up a bit and made the show a ton more interesting and unique, setting it apart from bmw, allowing it to grow on its own. Plus Maya represents most of our troubles on flaws which I %uD83D%uDC98. Sorry Rucas supporters.
Sarah :) United States, 14:29 Apr 13 2016.
Definitely Maya. I know that Riley is the main character and I do like her, but Maya goes through he same hints I do, and I think she is such a funny, strong character in this series. Not to mention the great acting. But I love all of the cast of course!!
Heather  United States, 19:14 Feb 25 2016.
Maya and Lucas are so cut together . Riley and Lucas look more like bother and sister then boyfriend and girlfriend. But Lucas and Maya are boyfriend and girlfriend material
molly United States, 14:20 Dec 5 2015.
Riley is the main character thats how it should have been and thats how it will always be the only reason u guys like maya is bc she gets in trouble like the rest of you plus riley is wayyyyy funnier than maya

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