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Quotes from Kid Gloves

Kid Gloves

'Kid Gloves' - Season 1, Episode 19

Alan gives Cory a meaningful gift for his birthday, but doesn't explain the story behind the gift to Cory. Not knowing the true value of the gift, Cory carelessly loses it before learning what the gift represents.

Air Date: March 25, 1994.

Quote from Cory

Cory: You know I was meant for this underwater life because I am ... Scuba Boy!

Quote from Shawn

Mr. Feeny: Can anyone tell me what the acronym Scuba is? Mr. Matthews?
Cory: Dooba?
Mr. Feeny: Scuba Dooba? Mr. Matthews, I have obviously failed you on so many levels. An acronym is a pronounceable formation made by a combination of letters.
Cory: (To Shawn) I told you.
Mr. Feeny: Now, can anyone tell me what Scuba stands for? Come on, someone take a stab at it. Mr. Hunter, you haven't spoken since the fourth grade. S C U B A, what does it stand for?
Shawn: Something's creepy under boat, Andy.

Quote from Shawn

Topanga: It's not very evolved to ridicule the human form. Each of our bodies is the master creation of mother nature.
Shawn: Well, except for Minkus. He was created by Mother Goose.

Cory: You got a buck-knife and I got a necklace.
Eric: That's because dad doesn't like you and wants you to leave.

Quote from Shawn

Minkus: I hate myself.
Shawn: You're not alone.

Quote from Eric

Cory: Look, I stayed under the water for twenty minutes.
Eric: Urgh, your fingers look like grandma's neck.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: How cute. It's the Little Mermaid and Aqua Nerd.

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