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Quotes from Wake Up, Little Cory

Wake Up, Little Cory

'Wake Up, Little Cory' - Season 2, Episode 7

Mr. Turner sets the class a controversial project to video tape their thoughts about sex and love, but Cory and Topanga soon find themselves at the center of a scandal when they're discovered asleep together at school.

Air Date: November 4, 1994.

Quote from Cory

Cory: Hi mom, I'm at Cory's - doh!

Quote from Topanga

Topanga: You know what I want? I want my good name back.
Cory: Well, some people might argue that Topanga isn't the best name to begin with.

Mr. Feeny: Good morning, sunshine. Breakfast is on the table. Today we're having a big bowl of sugar-frosted-"You've got a lot of explaining to do".

Quote from Alan

Alan: Yes, sex is like voting. You go behind a curtain, you do your thing, and then you get to do it again ... in four years.

Quote from Shawn

Alan: Is that the best you can do?
Shawn: Yeah, well my mother smoked while she was pregnant.

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