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Quotes from You Light Up My Union

You Light Up My Union

'You Light Up My Union' - Season 7, Episode 5

Eric and Jack learn about the real world when they run the student union together. Meanwhile, Rachel is annoyed by Cory and Shawn's intrusion into her life.

Air Date: October 22, 1999.

Quote from Eric

Eric: You know that's only $19.99 plus tax.
Mr. Feeny: What's the tax?
Eric: It's a percentage of something but I'm not really sure.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Eric: What is-? What is this? What is this? You see this? You see your card here? You see that? It's bogus! It expired 1967!
Mr. Feeny: That's "Card Member Since", you moron.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: No, I was just a little surprised seeing you here, eating my food, which is mine.

Quote from Cory

Shawn: You know what's great about girls?
Cory: Not yet.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Mr. Feeny, Eric Matthews: "bidness" man!

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