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Disney Channel cancels Girl Meets World

Disney Channel cancels Girl Meets World

Disney Channel will not be renewing Girl Meets World for a fourth season, the show's creator Michael Jacobs announced yesterday on Twitter.

The upcoming season three finale of Girl Meets World, which features a host of Boy Meets World characters, will now serve as the series finale.

Posted on 5 January 2017 06:55.

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Alex Quinn United Kingdom, 15:16 Nov 29 2017.
I grew up watching BMW and only recently started and finished GWM and I can say I am sad because I think it was a great show and a great successor to the original show
Ylinka cokelaere Belgium, 08:10 Nov 15 2017.
I think it is such a pity that GIRL MEETS WORLD STOPS I'm such a big fan I've had many life lessons learned and I'm only 13 I hope you not quit I Love GIRL MEETS WORLD
Emma Gabrels United States, 14:23 Jul 5 2017.
Love girl meets world!!!!
Precious United Kingdom, 06:02 May 29 2017.
I love Riley but hate maya because she is rude
George United States, 20:22 May 18 2017.
Boy Meets World was a GREAT show. Girl Meets World was even BETTER!! CONTINUE GIRL MEETS WORLD!!
mark valdez Philippines, 10:44 May 16 2017.
i am here in season 5 mark valdez and luchie valdez girl meets world
Imani M. United States, 20:02 Feb 24 2017.
You can't cancel girl meets world. Why don't we get to see them grow up like how Corey and Topanga did on boy meets world. Their show Boy meets world ran until Senior year graduation. Why can't Girl Meets World do the same.? Hopefully this can make a difference in your "decision"...
Susan McKinney  United States, 19:55 Feb 21 2017.
I grew up watching Boy Meets World, my husband and I was so excited about Girl Meets World. We had high hopes on the show going longer than just 3 seasons, very bummed out.
Zeraph Canada, 17:50 Feb 19 2017.
I was so sad when I found out! I love GMW. It has an amazing cast and is so relatable.
Eni United States, 00:38 Jan 18 2017.
This was the only good show on the Disney Channel now and its being canceled? This show is very educationl and has lots to teach our kids. You can't cancel this show! Take KC undercover off, Austin and Ally or Jessie but not Girl meets world. It's a shame and very disappointing that you would cancel a show that not only teaches our kids, but shows them morals.

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