Disney Channel announces September episodes

Disney Channel announces September episodes

Disney Channel has announced its September programming, revealing the Girl Meets World episodes which will air next month. Three new episodes will air in September following the show's return on Friday, September 12.

Episode 8 "Girl Meets Smackle" - Friday, September 12: Smackle, a debate chairman from another school, enlists Maya and Riley's help to give her a makeover to attract Farkle's attention.

Episode 9 "Girl Meets 1961" - Friday, September 19: Cory gives the class a living-history assignment which takes the four friends back to New York City in 1961.

Episode 10 "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" - Friday, September 26: Cory splits his class into two fake companies, one driven by profits and the other which aims to make people happy. Meanwhile, Riley and Maya encounter a lady on the subway who is not quite what they first perceive her to be.

Posted on 22 August 2014 17:24.

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Yordan Rodriguez United States, 18:09 Sep 2 2014.
Can't wait to see the episodes that r on there way

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