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Disney Channel announces July episodes

Disney Channel announces July episodes

Disney Channel has announced its July programming, revealing next month's Girl Meets World episodes. After the series premiere tonight, the show is off a week for the Fourth of July holiday, with the second episode airing Friday, July 11.

Here's a guide to the upcoming episodes of Girl Meets World:

Episode 2 "Girl Meets Boy" - Friday July, 11: In an attempt to get the students in his class to stop texting and communiate in person, Cory gives them a homework assignment that teaches them how to communicate face to face, ultimately sparking a real connection between Riley and Lucas.

Episode 3 "Girl Meets Sneak Attack" - Friday, July 18: Riley becomes jealous when another girl flirts with Lucas, so she enlists Maya and Farkle's help to learn how to flirt.

Episode 4 "Girl Meets Father" - Friday, July 25: Cory struggles with Riley growing up when he learns she'd rather go to the school dance than participate in their yearly tradition of riding the Coney Island roller coaster. Simulteanously, he is dealing with the outcome of giving Maya an F.

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prasha United States, 14:13 Jul 14 2014.
i love girl meets world

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