Disney Channel announces November episodes

Disney Channel announces November episodes

Disney Channel has revealed its November programming highlights, including Girl Meets World's episodes for next month. The show will return from its hiatus on Friday, November 21.

Friday, November 21 - Episode 14 "Girl Meets Friendship"
When Cory teaches his class about various forms of government, Lucas, Riley and Farkle decide to run against each other for 7th-grade class president.

Friday, November 28 - Episode 15 "Girl Meets Brother" *Special time of 7:30pm.
Cory and Topanga are going out to celebrate their anniversary and decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time. She enlists May's help, which leads Auggie to rebel against the girls.
Award-winning jazz musician and composer Herbie Hancock guest stars as Catfish Willie Slim.

Posted on 27 October 2014 19:42.

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