Disney Channel announces January episodes

Disney Channel announces January episodes

Disney Channel has announced the January episode of Girl Meets World. The show returns from its winter hiatus on Friday, January 9. Uriah Shelton and Rider Strong will be reprising their roles as Josh Matthews and Shawn Hunter, respectively, in next month's episodes.

Friday, January 9 - "Girl Meets Game Night": Riley invites her friends along to join the traditional Matthews' Family Game Night, and Maya is excited to learn Riley's Uncle Josh is joining as well. Uriah Shelton returns as Josh.

Friday, January 16 - "Girl Meets Master Plan": Maya is celebrating her 14th birthday with Riley and the Matthews but is struggling with the fact her mom probably won't be able to join them. Meanwhile, Cory and Riley devise a plan to set up Maya's mom with Shawn when he pays a visit. Rider Strong returns as Shawn.

Posted on 22 December 2014 16:05.

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Andie United States, 12:25 Jan 3 2015.
This is gonna be so cool!
Angel B United States, 21:22 Dec 22 2014.
Yay love it
arely United States, 17:28 Dec 22 2014.
At some :3
Tori Gustafson  United States, 16:34 Dec 22 2014.
so excited for the show to come back.

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