Anthony Tyler Quinn to guest star on Girl Meets World

Anthony Tyler Quinn to guest star on Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World star Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played teacher Jonathan Turner during Seasons 2-4, will be appearing in a second season episode of Girl Meets World. The Girl Meets World writers confirmed the character of Mr. Turner will return in an episode titled "Girl Meets The New Teacher".

Anthony Tyler Quinn first appeared as Mr. Turner in the Season 2 premiere, "Back 2 School". Cory and Shawn were initially excited by the prospect of their cool, new motorcylce-riding teacher, only to later describe him as Feeny with an earring. Mr. Turner did win Cory and Shawn around over the course of the season and was, compared to Mr. Feeny at least, definitely a cool teacher.

When Shawn's father, Chet, left him to travel the country looking for his wife, Verna, Mr. Hunter took Shawn in. Shawn stayed with Mr. Turner throughout the third season, until Chet returned in Season 4. Mr. Turner was still an important figure in Shawn's life until Shawn fell under the spell of a cult in "Cult Fiction". Enthralled by the cult's charming leader, Shawn eventually realized which relationship was more important to him when Mr. Turner was involved in a motorcycle accident, though the character was not seen again.

Mr. Turner was briefly mentioned in the Season 5 episode "Graduation" when Cory and Shawn spoke to Minkus, whom they hadn't seen in years, who said he and Mr. Turner had been in "the other side of the school".

Anthony Tyler Quinn joins a number of Boy Meets World actors returning during Girl Meets World's second season. William Daniels will appear as Mr. Feeny in a bigger role than his Girl Meets World pilot cameo. Will Friedle will be returning as Eric Matthews in the second season. Trina McGee will be reprising her role as Angela Moore, Shawn's long-term girlfriend, while Blake Clark will return as Shawn's late father, Chet.

Posted on 8 April 2015 07:27.

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yeah turner back he was cool

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