Disney Channel announces Season 2 premiere episodes

Disney Channel announces Season 2 premiere episodes

Disney Channel has announced its May programming which includes a whole week of Girl Meets World episodes. The show's second season will premiere Monday, May 11 and air five episodes Monday to Friday that week. The five episodes include appearances from Boy Meets World stars William Daniels as Mr. Feeny, Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, and, for the first time on the show, Will Friedle as Eric Matthews. Cloris Leachman also reprises her role as Mrs. Svorsky in the first episode of the season.

Monday, May 11 - Girl Meets Gravity: Riley and Maya are anxious to begin eighth grade and have a new teacher, that isn't Riley's father. Meanwhile, Mrs. Svorski asks Topanga to take over at the bakery.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Svorski and William Daniels as Mr. Feeny.

Tuesday, May 12 - Girl Meets the New World: Riley and Lucas's classmates are curious as to what's going on with their relationship, which ultimately confuses them more than ever before.

Wednesday, May 13 - Girl Meets the Secret of Life: A new student from Texas turns out to be an old friend of Lucas. But, the Lucas of the past isn't the Lucas who the friends have come to love.

Thursday, May 14 - Girl Meets Pluto: Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Riley and Maya travel to Philadelphia to dig up a time capsule that Cory, Topanga and Shawn buried 15 years ago which prompts the kids decide to create and bury one of their own.
Guest Stars: Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter and William Daniels as Mr. Feeny.

Friday, May 15 - Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels: When Riley and Maya get into a fight, Cory enlists the help of his brother, Eric, to be a mediator.
Guest Stars: Will Friedle as Eric Matthews.

Other Boy Meets World names set to appear during the second season of Girl Meets World include Anthony Tyler Quinn as Jonathan Turner, Trina McGee as Angela Moore, and Blake Clark as Chet Hunter.

Posted on 22 April 2015 14:47.

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