Disney Channel schedules 'Girl Meets Hurricane'

Disney Channel schedules 'Girl Meets Hurricane'

Disney Channel has announced "Girl Meets Hurricane", which features the return of Trina McGee as Angela Moore, will now air Friday, June 19 in place of the previously announced episode. Disney Channel's June programming highlights release originally listed "Girl Meets the New Teacher", which will feature guest star Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr. Turner, as airing June 19. That episode will be scheduled at a later date.

Angela Moore was of course Shawn Hunter's long-term girlfriend throughout their college years on Boy Meets World. Angela, whose own mother left her, shared with Shawn a fear of commitment and a feeling that eventually she would either leave or be left. When Angela's father visited Philadelphia and gave her the opportunity to travel Europe with him, Shawn did not want to lose Angela but recognized, given his own background, how important it was to spend time with your parents while you have the opportunity. Angela's last words to Shawn were "Let's not say goodbye. Let's just say I love you.". Shawn responded "I love you, too. I always will", but after Angela left, he said goodbye to her anyway.

Shawn's relationship with Angela played a big part in Girl Meets World's recent episode, "Girl Meets Pluto". When Shawn opened the time capsule he, Cory and Topanga buried in Mr. Feeny's backyard, Shawn found the mementos of Angela's handbag: Shakespeare sonnets, Vivaldi's Four Seasons, a Van Damme movie ticket, and Kiwi Mango lipgloss - the same contents he fell in love with in "I Love You, Donna Karan". Shawn wondered what Angela was up to nowadays, causing Maya to fear she had lost any hope of Shawn starting a relationship with her mother, Katy. Shawn explained to Cory that the reason he and Angela didn't work out is that she ended it and walked out on him. As the girls tried to tell Shawn how they believe his "Pluto" is still out there, he wondered whether they meant he still had a chance with Angela. Despite Shawn's lingering feelings for Angela, he did chat to Katy in Topanga's bakery, giving Maya a renewed hope that something could happen between them.

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