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Matthew Lawrence to guest star on Girl Meets World

Matthew Lawrence to guest star on Girl Meets World

Matthew Lawrence is the latest Boy Meets World guest star lined up for an appearance this season on Girl Meets World, according to a report by E! Online. Lawrence will be reprising his role as Shawn's half-brother and Eric's best friend, Jack Hunter, later this season. Matthew Lawrence starred on Boy Meets World for three years from its fifth to final season.

Judging by E's exclusive pictures, Jack's bromance with Eric is alive and well today. Jack's character was originally from New York City, where Girl Meets World is now set, but he moved to Philadelphia for college. When Cory helped Eric find an apartment, they found Jack looking for a roomate. Jack and Eric lived together together for three years during college. Although Jack was often angered by Eric's seeming stupidity, deep down he liked Eric. Their friendship survived their competition to win the affections of their roommate, Rachel. After Jack and Shawn's father died, Jack and Rachel began dating. Eric stepped back to allow them to be together, though they later broke up. At the end of the show, Jack gave up his stepfather's money to join Rachel in the Peace Corps where they could do some good in the world.

Rider Strong, William Daniels and Will Friedle have guest starred on Girl Meets World this season during its second season premiere week. Trina McGee is set to reprise her role as Angela Moore, with Blake Clark returning as Shawn's late father, Chet Hunter. Anthony Tyler Quinn will be reprising his role as Jonathan Turner this season.

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