Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode Tournament: Result

Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode Tournament: Result

Voting has now closed in the final round of our Boy Meets World: Season 1 Episode Tournament and we can now declare the result.

In the final round, Cory's Alternative Friends beat Teacher's Bet with 71% of the vote. The episode marked the first appearance of Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence. In the episode, Cory is assigned to a class project with Topanga, who he views as weird. When Cory thinks his curly hair is keeping him from being cool, his attempts to straighten his hair backfire and he finds himself an outcast at school. Topanga and her outcast friends welcome Cory in, even as his old friends and classmates mock his new hair. After Cory helps Topanga and her friends stage a protest against the firing of the school librarian, Topanga and Cory kiss for the first time.

Thanks to everybody who voted in our Boy Meets World Season 1 episode tournament. We will be running tournaments for more seasons of Boy Meets World soon.

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Posted on 8 June 2015 07:42.

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