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Boy Meets World Season 2 Episode Tournament: Result

Boy Meets World Season 2 Episode Tournament: Result

Our episode tournament to find fans' favorite episode from the second season of Boy Meets World has now closed and we can declare a result. With 78% of the votes in the final round, Wake Up, Little Cory was the winner against Danger Boy.

In the episode, Cory and Topanga stay late at school to work on a controversial class project Mr. Turner assigned about "Much Ado About Nothing". The assignment is to videotape interviews with people about their views on love and sex. Cory and Topanga work into the night on editing their video after lying to their parents about their whereabouts. Cory and Topanga fall asleep at school and are discovered the next morning by Janitor Bud and a furious Mr. Feeny.

Gossip spreads around school about what happened during the night together, with Cory reveling in his new found macho image at the expense of Topanga's reputation. Topanga confronts Cory about his failure to correct the rumors being spread about them, saying she doesn't think he's acting like a good friend. When Cory and Topanga finally present their video tape in class, Cory has added a segment to the video to admit he doesn't really have much experience and it isn't fair to pretend to other people to pretend you've shared experiences you haven't.

Thank you to everybody who voted. Look out for another episode tournament soon.

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Posted on 14 July 2015 07:39.

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