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Disney Channel announce August episodes

Disney Channel announce August episodes

Disney Channel has announced its August programming including three new episodes of Girl Meets World. The show's second season will continue Friday, August 7.

Three Boy Meets World stars are set to make appearances next month. Matthew Lawrence will reprise his Boy Meets World role as Jack Hunter in the August 14 episode, "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", with returning guest star Will Friedle. In the August 21 episode, "Girl Meets Creativity", Anthony Tyler Quinn will make his second appearance as Jonathan Turner.

Friday, August 7 - Girl Meets Yearbook The kids aren't satisfied with what they've been voted "Most Likely" for in the school yearbook, and take matters into their own hands to change it.

Friday, August 14 - Girl Meets Semi-Formal Riley is asked to the semi-formal dance by a classmate named Charlie and is torn whether to go with him or Lucas. Meanwhile, Cory’s brother Eric is paid a visit from an old friend. 

Friday, August 21 - Girl Meets Creativity When art and music are threatened to be cut from school, the kids have to find a creative way to convince the school board to show their value.

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