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Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode Tournament: Round 2

Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode Tournament: Round 2

The second knock-out round of our Boy Meets World: Season 3 Episode Tournament is now open. The four most popular episodes from the nominations round now battle it out in two pairs.

In the last round, My Best Friend's Girl beat The Grass Is Always Greener with 69% of the vote, The Happiest Show on Earth defeated I Was a Teenage Spy with over three quarters of the vote, Brother Brother narrowly won against Train of Fools with a 51.61% share, and What I Meant to Say was the clear winner against The Last Temptation of Cory with 84% of votes.

In the second round, the first match between My Best Friend's Girl and Brother Brother is open for voting now. On Monday, The Happiest Show on Earth goes up against What I Meant to Say.

Cast your vote now in the first match now and check back on Monday to vote in the second match.

Posted on 8 August 2015 18:34.

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