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Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode Tournament

Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode Tournament

Our episode tournament to find fans' favorite episode from the third season of Boy Meets World has now closed and we can declare a result. With 68% of the votes in the final round, The Happiest Show on Earth was the winner against My Best Friend's Girl.

In the episode, Topanga wins a place on a school trip to Disney World in Orlando. When Cory worries Topanga will get over him with another classmate, Eric tells Cory to travel to Florida to win Topanga back. So Cory flies across the country with Shawn, while Eric covers for Cory with a life-size curly-haired dummy.

At Disney World, Cory goes to elaborate lengths to try impress Topanga, including scuba diving with sharks and painting her picture as a street artist. As Cory talks about his feelings for Topanga while feeding a dolphin, Topanga overhears him and has a change of heart. After Cory promises not to chase her any more, Topanga says she wants to be with him. Cory and Topanga kiss as the fountain lights up the night sky behind them.

Thank you to everybody who voted. Look out for another episode tournament soon.

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Posted on 17 August 2015 07:34.

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