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Girl Meets World Writers Q&A Roundup

Girl Meets World Writers Q&A Roundup

The Girl Meets World writers took to their Twitter account last night for a mammoth Q&A session with fans, answering fans' burning questions for an hour and half.

Here is a round up of just a few of the points covered by the writers:

  • Josh will be back in a New Years Eve episode airing in December. "Joshaya" is a real thing and Josh will reveal his feelings for Maya.
  • Angela will be back as she is very important to the show. She will teach an important less.
  • There will be a big "Rucas" moment in October, with the writers repeatedly pointing to the three-part "Girl Meets Texas" episode as an important develop for Riley and Lucas's friendship/relationship.
  • Zay will be appearing in more episodes.
  • The writers also insisted there will be more people of color on the show.
  • Issues of feminism and racism will be explored. The writers also said more mature topics will be discussed as the group mature.
  • The writers are discussing the possibility of "another Matthews".
  • Morgan will definitely be appearing, though they would not reveal which actress will be returning.
  • Shawn and Mr. Turner will reunite in a very special moment.
  • We will meet Maya's father, Kermit, in "Girl Meets Forgiveness". Maya and Katy will deal with whether they can forgive the absentee dad.
  • Riley will find her talent, like Maya's art.
  • Disney Channel have not told the writers of any limit to the number of seasons that Girl Meets World can run. The writers said they would expect to enter production of Season 3 in January if the show is renewed. The writers are hopeful they can follow the kids through the end of college, just like Boy Meets World did.
  • We will learn how Riley and Maya first met in a February episode titled "Girl Meets Bay Window".
  • The season finale, "Girl Meets Graduation", will air in February.
  • The important lesson of Belgium 1831 will eventually be taught. Staying on Farkle, the writers insisted Farkle is "still Farkle" even with his new outfit. In answer to a question about Farkle and Riley, the writers said Farkle will make an interesting decision soon.
  • Lucas's anger problems are an ongoing concern.
  • It is possible the entire Boy Meets World gang could be reunited at once.
  • Big episodes coming up: Girl Meets Texas I, II, III (October), Girl Meets New Years Eve (December), and Girl Meets Graduation (February)

Those are just some of the points covered by the writers during the lengthy Q&A session.

Find more answers from the Girl Meets World Writers on their Twitter profile.

Posted on 29 August 2015 07:15.

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Catrena  United States, 18:25 Mar 23 2016.
Lucaya is endgame they are my life they are like fire
kms United States, 15:04 Nov 12 2015.
Fans want season dvd of the show! Especially those of us which loved boy meets world!
kaylaB United States, 18:39 Oct 10 2015.
I feel like farkle is token for granted a lot he should have a moment when he realizes that he is. the episode should be called girl meets reality

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