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New Girl Meets World Pictures

We have added pictures from the upcoming Girl Meets World episodes, "Girl Meets Rah-Rah", "Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)" and "Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)" to our gallery.

"Girl Meets Rah-Rah" airs this Friday, October 9 at the later time of 9:30, following Rowan Blanchard's Disney Channel Original Movie Invisible Sister.

The three-part Girl Meets Texas series of episodes will air over the weekend of Friday, October 16 - Sunday, October 18.

Visit the albums below to see pictures from the episodes.

<a href=''><em>Girl Meets Rah-Rah</em></a>

Girl Meets Rah-Rah

<a href=''><em>Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)</em></a>

Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)

<a href=''><em>Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)</em></a>

Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)

Posted on 7 October 2015 07:43.

Comments (3)

Nina  United States, 20:48 Nov 4 2015.
I love Girl Meets World. It is my favorite show on Disney!
morgan clark United States, 22:19 Oct 12 2015.
what will happen to farkle and smakle will they end up together or what i have to know becuase i am a big girl meets world fan
Yousif.J.H Canada, 17:07 Oct 11 2015.
U guys are awesome, Danielle and Ben thank U for coming back, Sabrina and Rowan U are perfectly stunning, Peyton and Corey U are amazingly funny. Thank you sooooo much for the show can't wait to see more:)

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