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Disney Channel announces November programming

Disney Channel announces November programming

Disney Channel has announced its November programming highlights, including two new episodes of Girl Meets World. The show's second season continues on Friday, November 6.

Friday, November 6 - Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project When the class receives an assignment about forgiveness, Maya writes to her father in an attempt to forgive him for leaving and Riley tries to let go of the fact that Auggie destroyed something important to her.

Friday, November 13 - Girl Meets Belief Cory asks the kids to challenge one another’s beliefs to see if it changes their perspectives.

Posted on 28 October 2015 10:01.

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Comments (6)

sarah moran United States, 09:25 Apr 28 2016.
your my biggest fan
Nina United States, 13:20 Nov 14 2015.
I loved this episode! Without spoiling anything I will say it is a must see! One of my favorites.
Nina United States, 13:23 Nov 7 2015.
This episode may be a thematic sequel to girl meets truth. Which is great because I loved that episode. Also the promo is out!
Nina United States, 20:46 Nov 4 2015.
I cannot wait for this episode! According to the Girl Meets World Wiki it will be about the existence of God. I think it's a great step for Disney. I will definently be watching!
Destiny United States, 20:13 Oct 30 2015.
OMG!!! I cant wait for the continue of season 2!!!!
Cherokee benoit United States, 09:58 Oct 29 2015.
Wow I love this cartoon, it's sooo funny and my son loves it because he says mommy she's cute talking riley

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